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Fluoride is a highly researched dental topic on behalf of dental professionals, and has been shown to increase the mineral strength of the tooth enamel strength by replacing microscopic mineral crystals in your teeth. Your teeth can receive many sources of fluoride to remain in great shape. We are happy to discuss the importance of fluoride and how it can benefit your tooth enamel.

The same mineral crystals that are found in your tooth enamel layer can also be depleted when overexposed to acidic food and natural bacteria, which is also called demineralization. If not remedied, your teeth could be at a heightened risk of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. On a daily basis, your teeth experience a cycle of losing and gaining tooth enamel, which affects its strength and impacts how susceptible you are to oral health such as cavities.

You can easily remineralize your teeth by using sources of fluoride such as some tap water and toothpaste. If your teeth are especially vulnerable, you may need to receive professional fluoride treatment and even prescription fluoride supplements provided by our dentist as tablets, foams or gels.

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