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If you want your smile to be whiter than it currently is, we can help! There are many options available to you. We’ll address a few in this blog post, and you can feel free to call us with any questions.


The quickest and most effective way to whiten teeth is to come in to the dentist’s office and have it done here. Our team can noticeably whiten your smile, removing stains and leaving it bright.


At-home treatments can also be effective, particularly if you want to touch up the work done in-office. They also allow you to work on whitening your smile over a longer period of time.


There are several over-the-counter options available for whitening your smile. Whitening toothpastes are especially effective if your smile only needs to maintain its current color. Whitening strips or gels can also bring your smile a few shades lighter.


Be wary of two things. First, over-the-counter products will take longer than whitening from your dentist. Additionally, some products sold as whiteners may not be good for tooth enamel. Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on any teeth whitening product you buy,  to make sure you are getting a safe and effective product.

For more information, call Steelcroft Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina, at 704-749-6300.  Dr. Vinutha Kupperi and our team look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve the white smile you want!