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Believe it or not , sugarless chewing gum can actually be beneficial for your oral health. Sugarless gum is helpful for your smile because it can help stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva helps wash away debris and harmful acids capable of eating through your tooth enamel.

Because sugarless gum has been proven to be so effective at stimulating saliva production, it is helpful in situations where you are suffering from dry mouth, or you can’t brush after a meal. You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush to avoid spreading the acids from your food around your mouth. While you wait you chew gum instead to wash away food debris and acids.

Chewing gum has been proven effective in the preventing dental damage from heartburn. When heartburn occurs, harmful stomach acids travel up your esophagus and into your mouth. The acids can eat through your tooth enamel and cause dental erosion. However, the saliva produced from sugar-free gum can help neutralize the acids.

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