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Your toothbrush is an amazing tool that can keep your smile in great shape. Nevertheless, this is only the case if your toothbrush itself is clean and fresh. Unfortunately, your brush can accumulate all sorts of germs. If you want to keep it away from germs, Steelcroft Dental has some suggestions.

– Wash your hands with soap and warm water before you begin brushing your teeth. Otherwise, the germs you have on your hands will jump onto your toothbrush.

– When you are done brushing, dry your toothbrush with a clean paper towel or washcloth, or allow it to air dry. This is especially helpful if you are traveling and are about to place a cover over your toothbrush. Otherwise the moist, enclosed space provides the ideal environment for bacterial growth.

– Never share your toothbrush. If you do, your saliva and any bad bacteria can be transferred from one mouth to another, increasing the risk of cavities.

– Throw away your toothbrush after you’ve used it for 3-4 months.

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