Getting Used to Dentures: What You Need to Know

Missing teeth are a common affliction for adults of all ages. Gum disease, advanced decay, poor health, age, and even heredity, can take a toll on your teeth. Missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed, but they’re more than just unsightly.

The gaps left behind by missing teeth can put your remaining teeth at risk. These gaps can lead to further tooth loss, threaten your gum health, and impact your overall quality of life.

Don’t let missing teeth cause you to miss out on your favorite foods or interfere with your daily life. Full or partial dentures can help you get your confidence back, so you can eat and socialize without embarrassment.

At Steelecroft Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina, we offer the best in dentures for our patients. We can give you customized dentures and help you get used to them as they restore your smile and preserve your oral health. 

When dentures are the right option

There are a number of restorative dental procedures available to address missing teeth, but not every option is right for everyone. Dental implants are a popular choice to replace missing teeth, but your oral health plays a role in determining what’s right for you.

Despite other options in restorative dentistry, dentures remain extremely popular. Custom dentures can restore the appearance of your teeth, improve your gum health, and enhance your quality of life. If your gum tissue and jawbone aren’t strong, dentures offer an effective option to improve your oral health.

What to expect during your denture fittings

Dentures require no surgery and no recovery time. At your first appointment, we take a series of impressions of your teeth. These impressions are sent to a dental lab, where your customized dentures are created. 

Custom-fit dentures ensure that they fit properly and comfortably in your mouth. In most cases, dentures are ready in less than a month, and you can begin wearing your dentures once they come back from the dental lab. 

If you’re missing just a few teeth, you could benefit from partial dentures. The most popular option, partial dentures are inserted into the gap between your natural teeth and secured to the adjacent teeth by a clasp.

How to adjust to dentures

Dentures should feel comfortable in your mouth. With custom dentures from Steelecroft Dental, expect to experience a number of benefits. Your smile will be complete, and you might notice more confidence and the desire to let your personality shine.

Take it slow while you’re getting used to your dentures. Follow our guidelines for eating, and stick to soft foods for the first few days. Be patient with yourself when speaking, so you can get used to forming words with your new dentures in place.

In a few weeks, you should be fully comfortable with your dentures. You’ll also be able to chew better, which will help you enjoy your favorite foods again. You’ll also enjoy conversation again, as the clarity of your speech will improve. 

Stay in touch with the experts

Once you’re adjusted to life with dentures, be sure to continue visiting the Steelecroft Dental team. Regular checkups will ensure that your dentures remain comfortable and functional in your mouth.

Whether you’re missing teeth or you need help getting used to your dentures, we’re here for you. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Steelecroft Dental today.

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