Dental Implants: You and No One Else Can Discern The From Your Natural Teeth

There are many advantages to replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, but the number one attraction for most individuals is their appearance. Whether you need one, many, or a full mouth of implants, they look so natural that you may even forget you didn’t grow them yourself.

Narender S. Dudee, DDS at Steelecroft Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina values dental implants for their smile appeal as well as their longevity, comfort, and ease of care. They also help keep your jaw healthy and your bite aligned.  

The appealing components of dental implants

There are three components to a dental implant: the implant, the abutment, and the crown. Each component helps add to the natural appearance and feel of an implant.

The implant

Dental implants start with a titanium post that’s biofriendly and designed to bond with your jawbone, just like your natural tooth roots. During the first step of the implant procedure, your dental surgeon secures the screw-like titanium post into your jawbone.

As healing takes place, over several weeks to months, the bony tissue of your jaw essentially fuses with the manufactured root and continues to rebuild bone as necessary throughout the life of the implant. This process helps keep your jawbone healthy, prevents surrounding teeth from slipping out of alignment, and adds to the long-lasting, essentially permanent nature of dental implants.

Natural tooth roots also provide sensations that often add enjoyment to your eating experience, such as the crunch of a fresh apple. The implant portions of dental implants help restore these natural feelings somewhat, which also increase their appeal. This isn’t possible with dentures and other replacement alternatives because they ride on top of your gums.

The hidden abutment connection

The abutment component of a dental implant is invisible, but vital, to the overall natural appearance of your replacement teeth. It’s a tiny connector, typically fashioned from titanium, that fits into the implanted post and provides a strong, supportive base for the porcelain crown.

The porcelain stars of dental implants

The visible stars of the show are the porcelain crowns that attach to the abutment and become your “new” teeth. The crowns are carefully crafted to reflect light and otherwise look and even feel like natural teeth when you touch them with your tongue. Each is fashioned to mimic the color and size of natural teeth that fit your mouth’s shape and contours.  

Other characteristics that lend to the natural appeal of dental implants include:

Your porcelain crowns aren’t susceptible to decay, but just like your natural teeth, they can begin to wear over time. If Dr. Dudee notices these changes during your routine dental exams, he can easily repair or replace the crown as necessary without disturbing the implant.

For more information about dental implants and what they can do for your smile, schedule a visit today with Dr. Dudee today at Steelecroft Dental. Call the office, or use our online tool to request an appointment online.


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