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Tooth decay is often the result of poor oral hygiene practices and bacterial deposits that attack an area of tooth enamel. If tooth decay is not caught in time, the resulting cavity can expand and deepen to threaten the inner structure of the tooth.

As the bacterial presence within the tooth worsens, you will likely experience increased sensitivity and discomfort in the tooth. Without professional treatment, the bacterial presence could invade the pulp of the tooth. This could also cause an increasingly painful toothache.

You should be especially concerned if you are also experiencing swelling, pressure, or general discomfort in the gum tissues. This is often an early sign of a developing dental abscess. As the pocket of infection swells it threatens the integrity of your health and other teeth. Without urgent treatment the dangerous bacteria could potentially pass to your bloodstream.

In some cases, our dentist, Dr. Vinutha Kupperi can treat a small dental abscess by draining the fluid and providing you with prescription antibiotics. This might also be accompanied by a root canal to address any compromised dental structure.  

In the case of a large dental abscess he might need to excise the infected tissues and extract the compromised tooth. Once this is done, the dentist may suture your gums and provide you with the appropriate prescriptions to help heal the affected area.   

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