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Severe injuries that impact the mouth can sometimes traumatize soft tissues and teeth. In some of these cases, a patient might lose multiple teeth.

After the soft oral tissues have healed, scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Vinutha Kupperi can be helpful. After assessing the situation, he can recommend the proper treatments.

For a patient who has lost a significant amount of healthy bone structure in the area, he might recommend a partial denture. It is a special type of removable dental appliance that will be created in a dental lab to mimic the essential appearance and function of the missing teeth. Depending on its size and intended location, the partial denture might also include special hardware components to help secure a firm relationship with the surrounding natural teeth.

Some partial denture users also like to apply a little denture adhesive when installing it each morning. Just a small bead applied to the base can help securely marry the partial denture to the underlying gums while also helping to block out unwanted food material.

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